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Seller Information

Below you will find a brief explanation of some of the highlights of the selling process.  At our first meeting I will provide a book of steps to successfully selling your house.

Why Seller Representation?

1. Working with a licensed Realtor,like me, you are assured of getting the most update information about the market.
2. I work for you.
3. I work with you from the beginning of the process to the end and beyond.

Steps In Selling A Home.

1. Meet at Your Home to Discuss Your Plans.(Pre-list meeting)
2. I do a "Market Analysis" of your home.
3. I present the market to you.
4. We list the home.(the process is explained at the time of listing.
5. Receive acceptable purchase agreement
6. Closing

Agency Agreements.

At our "pre-list" meeting, I will provide you with the required agency disclosure statement and explain it. At time of listing I will provide you with the exclusive listing agreement.

Calculating Net Proceeds.

I will provide you with a "Net Proceeds" sheet after I receive certain financial information from you. This net proceeds sheet will give you an idea of what you can expect to net from the sale of your home. This of course is an approximation until we have all the current costs associated with the sale.

Importance Of Updating and Repairs.

When we discuss a listing price, if the home has had updates and repairs done to it, the chances of getting a higher offer is much greater. The list of repairs and updates would be listed in the listing sheet. A two page report that explains the monetary value of certain repairs and updates is provided at the "prelist" meeting.

Value of a Prelist Inspection.

It is highly recommended that home owners do a "pre-list" inspection. It is a strong factor in negotiating with potential buyers. Also if you will be moving out of the area, I do recommend the pre-list inspection.

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